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The Rugby World Cup is coming to France from Friday, September 8th to Saturday, October 28th, 2023. Five matches will be played in LYON. TL Taxi Lyonnais, a mobility actor in LYON, is dressing up in the colors of the event.

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For your medical journeys with transport vouchers
** Due to lack of availability, the TL conventionné service is suspended (direct call and reservation) **

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TL Conventionné puts at your disposal vehicles adapted to all your trips to hospitals and clinics in Lyon and throughout the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. You do not have to pay anything in advance* because we work in partnership with the health insurance funds and many health establishments (*see conditions) By using TL Conventionné you benefit from simplified formalities and more pleasant and safe journeys than ever before.

select The principle of the taxi subsidized by social security

Under certain conditions it is possible to benefit from the Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie to cover the cost of transport for treatment, medical examinations or medical check-ups. Depending on the case, this coverage may be partial or total.

Health insurance card

All you need to know about taxi subsidized by social security and reimbursement of transport costs

What's a TL conventionné ?

A taxi TL conventionné is a vehicle authorised to transport people who are reimbursed by the health insurance system.
This is the service offered by TL Conventionné.

What are the advantages of TL Conventionné ?

TL Conventionné is :

  • A fleet of 130 quality vehicles authorized for reimbursed taxi run
  • A team of 130 affiliated drivers, professional and discreet, who will ensure you a trip in complete tranquility
  • More than 50 years of experience in passenger transport
  • A service that extends over Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, with no distance limit
  • The simplification of your procedures with the centralization of your Transport Vouchers and Location Reports, as well as the transfer of documents between drivers
  • A switchboard available 24/7 to easily book your trips and answer all your questions
  • A guaranteed reservation for any request made at least 48 hours in advance. For a shorter delay, call us 20 minutes before departure on 04 78 26 81 81, and we will do our best to find a vehicle available in real time.

What are the conditions of care ?

Transport costs can be covered by the Health Insurance, on medical prescription, in the following situations :

  • For people coming in and out of a hospital or clinic
  • For people travelling for long-term medical care such as dialysis or chemotherapy
  • For people who have to travel more than 150 km or multiple short trips for medical treatment
  • For persons who must carry out a check-up on the recommendation of the Sickness Insurance Medical Service or a state doctor
  • For people who need to receive care as a result of a work accident

Coverage of certain transport also requires the prior agreement of the Medical Service of the Health Insurance. This is the case, for example, for long-distance and mass transport.


What is the reimbursement rate ?

As a general rule, 65% of the transport costs covered by the Health Insurance are reimbursed at the conventional rate. In some cases, this coverage can be 100%. Reimbursement is made on presentation of the medical prescription - and possibly after prior agreement from the Health Insurance - and proof of payment.

How do I apply for reimbursement ?

Two types of requests can lead to a travel voucher :

  • The request for coverage on a simple medical prescription
  • The request that requires prior agreement from CPAM

Request for coverage on medical prescription

In this case, the doctor will determine with you the nearest health care facility and the most suitable mode of transport for your condition. The doctor must fill out a form entitled "medical prescription for transportation" which must be completed prior to travel.

Request for coverage with prior agreement from CPAM

Some modes of transport (long-distance transport over 150km, mass transport, etc.) require both a medical prescription and an agreement from the CPAM. In this case, the doctor must fill in a form entitled "request for prior approval of transport equivalent to a medical prescription". You must then send sections 1 and 2 to the medical department of your Health Insurance Fund, for the attention of "Mr. the medical adviser". Failure to reply within 15 days of the request being sent is deemed to be an agreement, and you may consider your request for coverage to be accepted.


What documents do you need to provide us with ?

In order to benefit from a TL transport agreement, you will have to provide the driver with two documents :

  • A Transport Voucher (BT). This document is prescribed to you by your doctor or the hospital service
  • A Situation Bulletin (BS) or Hospitalization Bulletin (BS) depending on the consultation, which is given to you after your arrival at the hospital or clinic by the admissions department

TL Conventionné takes care of collecting your BTs and BSs when you are discharged and follows up the documents between the drivers.

If you are not in possession of these documents, you will be obliged to pay for the taxi fare and you will not be able to get a refund from the CPAM !

Need more information ?

Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week :

  • By email at tierspayant@taxilyonnais.com
  • By telephone on +334 78 26 81 81

select Your medical transport in Taxi facilitated with TL Conventionné

24/7 service dedicated

24/7 service dedicated to the subsidized races

Order your TL Conventionné vehicle at any time by calling 04 78 26 81 81 (at least 48 hours in advance)

You have priority

130 contract drivers

Our courteous and helpful drivers guarantee you a perfect punctuality and will make you have a pleasant trip

Guaranteed price indicated

130 recent and comfortable vehicles

Aboard our spacious, soundproofed sedans with a wide range of safety equipment, your comfort is guaranteed, even on long journeys

Personalized welcome

Commitment to quality

From your reservation to your return home, you will appreciate our sense of service, welcome and accompaniment

select Book your trip with complete peace of mind

Take advantage of the efficiency of our sales and administrative department dedicated to convention races !

It's very simple to book :

We guarantee your reservation if you make your request at least 48 hours in advance. For a shorter delay, call us 20 minutes before departure on +334 78 26 81 81, and we will do our best to find an available conventional vehicle in real time.

Switchboard operator TL Taxi Lyon

select Long-distance routes ? A simple formality with TL Conventionné !

We provide the trips under the agreement to all health establishments in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, but also throughout France.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of hospitals served by TL Conventionné :

  • Dieulefit Rehabilitation Centre 26220
  • Virieu Health Centre 38730
  • Atirra Gleize dialysis centre 69400
  • Ardeche Hospital 07200
  • Annecy Hospital 74000
  • Belleville Hospital 69220
  • Belley Hospital 01300
  • Bourgoin Jallieu Hospital 38300
  • Brg St Maurice Hospital 73700
  • Chambery Hospital Center 73000
  • Clermont Ferrand Hospital 63000
  • Condrieu Hospital 69420
  • Die Hospital Center 26150
  • Grenoble Hospital 38000
  • la Tour du Pin Hospital 38110
  • L'Argentiere Hospital 07110
  • Luzy Dufeillant Hospital 38270
  • Meximieux Hospital Center 01800
  • Morestel Hospital 38510
  • Moulins Hospital center 03000
  • Privas Hospital Center 07000
  • Roanne Hospital 42300
  • Savoie Bassens Hospital 73000
  • Serrieres Hospital 07340
  • St Cyr au Mt D'or Hospital 69450
  • St Foy les Lyon Hospital 69110
  • St J. de Maurienne Hospital 73300
  • St. Symph. sur Coise Hospital 69590
  • Trevoux Hospital 01600
  • Tullins Hospital 38210
  • Valencia Hospital 26000
  • Vallon pont d'Arc Hospital 07150
  • Vichy Hospital 03200
  • Vienna Hospital 38200
  • Villeufranche Hospital 69400
  • Issoire Hospital 63500
  • Forez Hospital 42600
  • Haut Bugey Hospital 01100
  • Mt Blanc Sallanches Hospital 74700
  • Pays de Gex Hospital 01170
  • Puy en Velay Hospital 43000
  • Fleyriat Hospital 01000
  • Le Vinatier Bron Hospital 69500
  • Neuville sur Saone Hospital 69250
  • St Flour Hospital 15100
  • St Egreve Hospital 38120
  • St Jean de Dieu Hospital Lyon 69008
  • St Joseph St Luc Hospital Lyon 69007
  • St Lrt de Chamoussey Hospital 69930
  • Center of Leon Berard Lyon 69008
  • Clrt Ferrand Cancer Centre 63000
  • Medical Center of l'Argentiere Aveizé 69610
  • Centre réadap, de St Morc s/ Dargoire 69440
  • Charcot Clinic St Foy les Lyon 69110
  • Clinic of the Sauvegarde Lyon 69009
  • Clinic of Cedres Echirolles 38130
  • Clinic des Iris Marcy L'Etoile 69280
  • Clinic du Renaison Roanne 42300
  • Clinic Generale d'Annecy 74000
  • Kennedy Montelimar Clinic 26200
  • La Majolane Meyzieu Clinic 69330
  • Mutualiste of Grenoble Hospital 38000
  • Montelimar Hospital 26200
  • HCL Hospital - Antoine Charial Francheville 69340
  • HCL Hospital - Croix Rousse Lyon 69004
  • HCL Hospital- Charpennes Villeurbanne 69100
  • HCL Hospital - Edouard Herriot Lyon 69003
  • HCL Hospital - Women Mother Child Bron 69500
  • HCL Hospital - Frederic Dugoujon Caluire 69230
  • HCL Hospital - Henry Gabriel St Genis Laval 69230
  • HCL Hospital - Lyon Sud Pierre Benite 69310
  • HCL Hospital - Pierre Garraud Lyon 69005
  • HCL Hospital - Weirtheimer Bron 69500
  • Beaujeau Hospital 69430
  • Loire St Etienne Private Hospital 42000
  • Med. de Savoie Private Hospital Challes les Eaux 73190
  • Pays de Savoie Private hospital Annemasse 74100
  • Uriage Rumathological Hospital 38140
  • University Hospitals of Geneva
  • Le Mas des Champs Saint Prim 38370
  • Polyclinic Lyon Nord Rillieux la Pape 69140
  • SSR le Val Rosay St Didier au Mont d'Or 69370
  • SSR les Lilas Bleus Lyon 69007
Map of Rhône-Alpes

select TL Conventionné, a service recognized by our customers

Our customers appreciate the support and efficiency of our service dedicated to contracted routes, and they let us know through the many thank you messages we receive every month. Their feedback is invaluable, and allows us to go even further in our quality of service.


Opinion of 12/02/2020

Ekomi 4.8/5

"Reliable, contracted taxi service, reservation assured and follow-up of my file by Lyon taxi which takes care of retrieving the administrative documents. I highly recommend it."


Notice of 08/08/2019

Note : 5/5

"I congratulate this taxi company, a pleasant switchboard operator who listens to my requests when I make reservations. A caring and helpful driver. Well respected schedules. I had to take the taxi for health reasons and it's nice to be able to rely on serious professionals."

Note : 5/5

Opinion of 22/11/2019

Note : 5/5

"Attentive drivers, nickels vehicles, real follow-up at the central and service levels. You feel reassured right away."


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