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Dans le cadre de la sortie du confinement et conformément au protocole sanitaire, nous demandons aux passagers de respecter les gestes barrières et la consigne suivante :

  • 3 passagers sont admis à bord dans les véhicules type berline (TL Eco / TL VIP) et un maximum de 7 passagers est admis en van (TL Minibus).
  • Plusieurs passagers d'un même foyer peuvent être transportés simultanément dans un même véhicule (3 passagers dans un véhicule berline / 7 passagers dans un véhicule minibus).
  • Aucun passager n'étant admis à l'avant du véhicule.
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The Taxi Lyonnais app that makes your journeys easier (Android - iOS)

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selectTL Reservation fills up

  • A fixed price known in advance
  • A service noted by our customers 4.8/5
  • A priority booking and 100% guaranteed
  • A fleet of 150 vehicles offering a solution for all profiles
  • A call back from our central within 10 minutes of your order to confirm your reservation
  • Real-time tracking of your driver to the meeting point
  • An ISO 9001 "Quality Management" certified label
  • And much more!
Application TL Réservation

selectQuick and easy ordering in less than 3 minutes

STEP 1 : Download the TL Reservation app for free


STEP 1 : Download the TL Reservation app for free
Download the TL Reservation app for free! The application is available on Android and iOS, and lets you book your taxi in a few seconds !
STEP 2 : Choose your itinerary


STEP 2 : Choose your itinerary
Choose your itinerary: departure, arrival, date and time, and the number of passengers and validate.
STEP 3 : Consult the rates and/or modify the options


STEP 3 : Consult the rates and/or modify the options
Consult the rates, add a baby seat or booster seat if necessary, select the desired vehicle and validate.
STEP 4 : Identification


STEP 4 : Identification
Settle your order, our call center will contact you by phone within 10 minutes for verification.
STEP 5 : Pay your order


STEP 5 : Pay your order
Settle your order, our call center will contact you by phone within 10 minutes for verification.
STEP 6 : Follow your driver's route in real time


STEP 6 : Follow your driver's route in real time
On the day of departure you can follow in real time your driver's route to the scheduled meeting point, as well as the estimated remaining time.
STEP 7 : Billing


STEP 7 : Billing
Once your trip is done you will receive the invoice corresponding to the amount paid at the time of the order. With TL Reservation no surprises, our prices are guaranteed in advance and without any surcharge, even in case of unforeseen circumstances such as heavy traffic.

selectAnd always the best service !

  • Switchboard open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions
  • Personalized welcome in train stations and airports with your name
  • Possibility of reserving child seats and/or booster seats when you place your order
  • Quote available on request
TL Application TL Operator Personalized welcome Child seat

selectA solution adapted to all your mobility needs

Thanks to its fleet of 150 vehicles and its drivers selected for their punctuality and sense of service, with TL Réservation you are sure to find the transport you need.

For each trip, choose the service that suits you directly in the application :

  • TL ECO : the guarantee of a quality service at the best price (more about TL ECO)
  • TL VIP : an incomparable quality of service, with a top-of-the-range saloon, selected drivers and Wifi on board (more about TL VIP)
  • TL MINIBUS : for all your group trips for up to 8 people with bulky luggage (more about TL MINIBUS)
  • TL ACCESS : our service specialising in the transport of people with reduced mobility, with drivers trained and aware of all forms of disability (more about TL ACCESS)
Application TL Réservation : A solution adapted to all your mobility needs

select Taxi Lyonnais, a company recognized by its customers for more than 50 years...

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...and rewarded with a score of 4.8/5 out of 1408 reviews

EKOMI is an independent platform that collects the opinions of our customers once their journey is over. Thanks to them, Taxi Lyonnais was awarded the "Ekomi Or" quality label with a score of 4.8/5. The feedback from our customers is valuable, and allows us to go even further in our quality of service.


Opinion of 27/06/2020

Ekomi 4.8/5

"Extremely satisfied. I ordered the taxi for a hospital discharge which could not take place because there was a problem during the surgery and I could not inform TL until 2 hours after the time of the VR. The trip was moved to the next day at no extra cost. Driver very on time."


>Opinion of 30/06/2020

Note : 5/5

"Single account to be created. Fixed prices announced before the order, no surcharge, followed by the driver at the top. Thanks to TL for offering this service to people with reduced mobility."

Note : 5/5

>Opinion of 07/07/2020

Note : 5/5

"Simple and intuitive application. My reservations are always served on time. the drivers are pleasant. the service confirmation by phone is a real plus. You feel reassured and you see the driver arrive on the smartphone. I highly recommend."

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