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Fourvière an old town of Lyon

The hill that's bustling, at the start of the 1th century, was home to some 8 000 canuts (silk workers). Today, it is only la Maison des Canuts (the Home of the Silkworkers) association Soierie Vivante (the "living silk" society) that are perpetuating this centuries old tradition.

The food market, the "chestnut parade" authentic "bistrots" and the numerous squares where players aim and launch their "boules" all contribute to making the Croix Rousse a true village inside the city overflowing with charm and poetry.

Set off an the discovery of the Croix Rousse slopes, wander through the traboules and, while admiring the frescos of the silkworkers and famous Lyon artists, marvel at the treasures revealed at each turn.

If you are interested in this tour, which is customizable, you can contact us at or on our contact page.

Point 1 - Tour de la place, statue de Louis XIV et angle Victor Hugo
Place Bellecour, Lyon, France

Tour de la place, statue de Louis XIV et angle Victor Hugo

Point 2 -
Palais de Justice Historique, Lyon, France

Point 3 - Mur peint
Place Ennemond Fousseret, Lyon, France

Mur peint

Point 4 - Palais du Conservatoire
Quai de Bondy, Lyon, France

Palais du Conservatoire

Point 5 - Maison Henri IV
Montée St Barthélémy, Lyon, France

Maison Henri IV

Point 6 - Vue sur la ville, la basilique
Esplanade de Fourvière, Lyon,France

Vue sur la ville, la basilique

Point 7 - Théâtre Romain et Odéon <br />(vue de haut)
Rue Cléberg, Lyon, France

Théâtre Romain et Odéon
(vue de haut)

Point 8 - Théâtre Romain et Odéon <br />(vue de bas)
Rue de l’Antiquaille, Lyon, France

Théâtre Romain et Odéon
(vue de bas)

Point 9 - Fresque des basiliques
Rue des Macchabés, Lyon, France

Fresque des basiliques

Point 10 - La Cathédrale
Place Saint Jean, Lyon, France

La Cathédrale

Point 11 - Vieux Lyon
Vieux Lyon, Lyon, France

Vieux Lyon

Point 12 - La statue du « Petit Prince »
Rue Antoine de Saint Exupery, Lyon, France

La statue du « Petit Prince »

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